Another Chapter in the Boughyards Story

In my previous post ” The Loss of a Son” I wrote about the harsh life of the early selectors. I am currently reading “On Our Selection” by Steele Rudd, which gives a wonderful and humorous insight into those years.

However, nothing makes it come to life more than seeing the fruits of these tough pioneer’s labour.  As a child I remember Dad telling me that the fences at the Boughyards had been built when his grandparents owned our farm.  But right then it meant little to me.  All I cared about was the days I got off school to help out with the shearing.

After researching and finding out more about the early selection days and the onerous requirements that had to be met in order to keep your land, it started to mean more.  And then, when I went back to our old farm quite recently, I was stunned to see those rough old fences were still there some 140 years later!

This story, The Boughyards and Beyond, is another chapter in the life of these incredible pioneers.  Unlike “The Loss of a Son” it is non fiction and referenced.



  1. Another fascinating installment! You are giving me some great ideas for my next Unit – “Writing Your Family History”! Thanks!

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    1. Thanks Anne. I am looking forward to my final unit Writing Family History. I am hoping I will have learned enough from earlier units so that it is not so stressful. I found Convicts in Context difficult. Well not difficult exactly. But quite hard work. I had trouble putting the final assessment together.


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