My Adams Family

This is another creative nonfiction.  The Adams family came to Australia in the 1844 and settled in Newham.  This story is about the Zion Baptist Church of which they were part of the faithful congregation.

Baptist Church NewhamSome time ago I loaded my family including my Mum and Dad into a mini bus and we headed off for a trip around some of the ancestral properties and sites.  We saw many of the old homes, including the home where I was born, but the most exciting part was the Church.

I had spent countless hours tracking down said church, using tools such as Google street and finally I hoped I had found it.  But to actually come around the bend in the road and see the church still standing was quite surreal.

This story is creative non-fiction.  I really have no idea whether the baptism took place at the creek that day.  I am only going on customs of the Particular Baptists at that time.

This story owes much of its factual information to the research of George Cook in his history, The Cook Family Tree.

But now I am guessing you will want to read why I am was so excited to find the church.

Read on……


    1. Thanks Carole. When I re-read my introduction piece, before the story, I thought I hadn’t been really clear enough about the bits that were factual and your comment reinforces that. I do know that the church was opened that day and that Mary and her husband were baptised. But I didn’t make that clear. Thanks for your comment and your, perhaps inadvertent, feedback. Thanks again for reading and taking the time to comment.


  1. Hi Pauline, I’m a descendant of Richard Adams of Newham. My Great Grandmother was Annie Louisa Adams, she married James Andrew Young Holmes and lived and raised her children in Goornong


    1. Hi Lauren
      I would love to know more about how Anna Louisa fits in. I don’t have her in my tree. I did a quick Ancestry search and found them both on the electoral roles in Goornong. But haven’t found anything else yet. Thanks for your response.


      1. Hi Pauline, would Love to catch-up one day and have a chat about Annie Louisa Holmes


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