OK, so I am a little behind in the #52ancestors challenge as I have been concentrating on my family history course.  However this topic appealed to me so I have gone back a couple of weeks.

It was a common practice in past eras to have a family bible which birth and death dates were recorded in.  How lovely it must be to have that.

Aunty Nells Prayer Book


Well just recently I discovered that my father had not a bible, but a small prayer book which belonged to my Great Aunty Nell (another Nell, not the ones I talked about in my Favorite Names post.  So many Nells).  What a wonderful feeling to get my hands on that prayer book and then to open it and feel the tissue thin pages.


Inside Aunty Nells Prayer book

And then more joy as I noticed inside the front cover, written in my great aunts hand, notations of the deaths of her parents and two of her brothers.


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