In the Census

Week 5 – In the Census

This week my story is about a mystery young girl who appears to be living with my 4x great grandfather, Richard Adams and his wife Bettey (Elizabeth, Betty, Betsy nee Barrett), in Thornborough Buckimhamshire, England, in 1841.

1841 Census

Richard and Bettey’s 5 children are listed in the census records, as is a second Mary Adams who I believe to be Richards mother who is aged 74 at the time of this census.

But it also lists a Mary Barden, age 9.  The “N” means that she was not even born in the same county.  Who is she I wonder?

The name caught my eye because a couple of generations later once the Adams family had emigrated to Australia, settled in the Macedon area and married into the Cook family, my great, great grandfather, Henry Cook married a woman called Elizabeth Barden.  Was there some relationship to Mary Barden?  Did the families know each other in England and did this lead them all to settle in the same farming district?

So many questions yet to be answered……………


  1. You will figure it out eventually! It took me years to work out why the name “Campbell” appeared on one of my ancestors! I knew it must have some significance, but could not for the life of me work out “why”. When I finally did, it was this line that took our family right back to Robert the Bruce!


  2. Good luck with your research! I’m sure there much be a link somewhere. It’s a shame the 1841 census doesn’t list the relationship to the head of the family as that would have most likely given you your answer.


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