A Fresh Start on a New Path

The theme of this weeks post is “Start“.

I have been building my family tree and writing about my family history since about 2010.  But now I feel like I am about to Start down a whole new pathway on this journey.

In 2018 I plan to Start some formal study in Genealogy.  This may take a couple of years as I work full time.  However I am very excited at the prospect and am very much looking forward to using this opportunity to become more organised with how I store, care for and share my family history artefacts.

Whilst I have been a blogger for a long time, I have created this new blog for my family history so that is also a new Start.  



  1. Wow! You are inspiring! Was just talking to Bax today about the course and saying I must decide on it. Need to get some info. on costs first! Congratulations on your decision – and thanks for inspiring me!


    1. Thanks for your comment! It feels good to know people are reading my very brief first post. I have been reading a few of the #52ancestor posts too and haven’t yet commented. I absolutely loved yours!! So I am off to put a comment there now.

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      1. I have just graduated with my Diploma of Family History from UTAS in December. I loved every minute of it. It is a great course and I am sure you will enjoy it. Good luck.


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